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February Quality Report

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

We regularly hear from and meet with customers to help improve and update the way they use TeamSnap for Business. While we share several of these updates in our bigger releases, we are going to regularly share brief updates on quality improvements from the past month.

Here are this months updates as we continue to innovate and introduce exciting new features:

: Improved how the scheduler removes games from schedules

: Improved display of game and team information on website widgets

: Improved how fees are collected in local currency

: Improved the process of sending invoices

: Improved display of deposit history in financial reports

: Improved the display of games and team information on website widgets

: Fixed how the data in digital agreements is displayed in exports

: Fixed the guide my setup button in Clubs & Leagues

: Fixed an issue with creating new seasons

: Fixed a display issue with unpublished schedules

We're excited to acknowledge a few impactful outcomes, and we are confident that you will notice an improvement in your experience with TeamSnap. We will continue to monitor for any further issues and will keep you updated on any future improvements.

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