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[RELEASED] Easily attach files to digital agreements

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

We're excited to announce a new feature in TeamSnap for Business that makes sharing detailed and visually rich documents in your registration a breeze. Now, you can attach a file directly to your digital agreements for registrants to view, keeping everything neat, tidy, and in one place.

With the new attachment capabilities, you can upload documents exactly as they are. Whether it’s an emergency evacuation plan with detailed graphs and charts, or a detailed PDF with specific layouts, you can attach it directly to the agreement, ensuring it looks exactly how it's intended.

For example, you may want to ensure that all registrants view an emergency evacuation plan with intricate diagrams and maps and acknowledge their understanding as part of the registration process. These documents often have sophisticated formatting or rich visual content that is crucial to their purpose and difficult to replicate within a standard digital form. By allowing these documents to be attached directly to the digital agreements, TeamSnap ensures that all parties have immediate access to these essential resources, preserving their original format and facilitating a more informed and effective agreement process.

For more information on how this new capability works, visit this help article.

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