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[RELEASED] Merchant Account Update

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

TeamSnap has made updates to the way you manage your merchant account(s) for processing payments due to regulatory and banking changes, while also bringing you an improved user experience.

Beginning March 13th, you can look for: enhanced security, streamlined processes, and improved merchant account management.

  1. Once you have created a merchant account, you have the ability to reuse the existing merchant account for new programs and seasons. 

  2. If your merchant account requires information to be collected for regulatory purposes, you have an easy, self service way to provide the updated information. 

  3. TSB Only: If you have multiple merchant accounts, they can be managed under organization settings > merchant accounts.

Please note: Due to recent verification requirements related to KYC (Regulatory Compliance), an account has to reach “approved” status prior to payments and payouts. 

More information regarding setup and management can be found here for TeamSnap for Business, and here for Clubs & Leagues.

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