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[RELEASED] NEW capabilities on TeamSnap Registration

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

We are excited to introduce several new features to TeamSnap Registration that will provide even more flexibility in how you manage your signups. These new capabilities provide an enhanced administrative experience, simplify workflows, and bring even more efficiency to managing your program. Here is an overview of each new capability:

  • Toggle digital agreements on/off: Manage your registration forms with complete flexibility, by easily toggling digital agreements on/off. Whether you need to temporarily suspend a digital agreement or provide users with only the applicable forms they need, you can now adjust access to those forms easier than ever.

  • Retire registration forms: Easily remove outdated registration forms, making form management easier than ever. Simply use the "..." action menu and click 'archive' to keep your season management up-to-date.

  • Delete in-progress and in-cart registrations: Ensure accurate records and reporting with the ability to delete in-progress or in-cart registrations. From the registration reporting page, you can effortlessly delete any unwanted or unnecessary registrations by utilizing the "..." action menu.

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