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[RELEASED] Streamlined Rostering in TeamSnap for Business

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

With our latest update to our NEW registration system, the requirement to manually create a roster profile once registration is completed is no more. By streamlining this process, we've simplified the steps of adding players and staff to teams.

What to expect with this update:

  • This update is applicable to all registration forms. However, it will only apply to members registering after December 10th, 2023. For registrations completed before December 10th, 2023, you'll need to create roster profiles as you previously did.

  • Members who have been assigned to the waitlist, must first be accepted off the waitlist by organization staff AND accept their offer before a roster profile is created for them.

  • Reminder, members will have a roster profiles created for them, even if they have an order balance, meaning, they don't need to be fully paid to be available for rostering.

Only available on TeamSnap for Business. Contact your CSM for more details.

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