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[RELEASED] TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack Expanded to Baseball and Softball Organizations

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

We are excited to announce the expansion of the TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack to include premium content for baseball and softball organizations. The expansion of TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack equips baseball and softball organizations with a suite of professional-grade coaching tools and resources, developed in partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB).

Key Features:

  • TeamSnap+ is available to all coaches to help everyone integrate high quality drills into their practices.

  • Practice plans combine drills into effective practices for any age group and practice duration.

  • Equipment lists ensure you bring all of the items you need to run your drills.

  • All content is fully integrated into the TeamSnap mobile app for easy access on the go or on the field.

These features collectively contribute to a streamlined, efficient coaching experience, enabling coaches to focus more on player development and less on administrative tasks.

Visit our website at TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack to learn more or contact your account manager today.

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