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[RELEASED] TeamSnap + Coaches Pack Now Includes MLS GO PLAYBOOK

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

We're excited to announce that TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack now includes the MLS GO PLAYBOOK! The MLS GO PLAYBOOK is tailored exclusively to MLS GO as a tool for coaches of all skill levels to step on to the field and guide a team and player to a successful season.

The training sessions have been built with the objective of developing technical, tactical, physical, and mental skills for children. Through MLS GO and the content within the PLAYBOOK, kids will have fun, build self-confidence, and develop a love for the game.

MLS GO is offered to all children ages 4-14. Whether destined for the professional ranks or looking to get their first experience in the sport, MLS GO is the first step in the pathway where we invite all to learn fundamental soccer skills and develop a lasting love of the game.

Key features:

  • Professional Training Videos: High quality instructional videos walking you through each team activity.

  • Coaching Instructions: Complete instructions, equipment lists, and tips on how to effectively run each drill.

  • Age Appropriate Developmental Plans: U6/7, U8/9, U10/11, and U12/13 curriculums with 12 sessions per age group ensure your entire season is structured to develop skills and have fun.

    For more information on TeamSnap+ Coaches Pack and the MLS GO PLAYBOOK, visit here, or contact your TeamSnap account manager.

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