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Switch from mobile to desktop to get your season started!

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

When managing and coaching a team you want to focus on getting your team ready to compete, not worry about getting your team setup.

So, we are making it easier!

For coaches and managers who add players and events on their own in TeamSnap, you can now quickly switch from a phone to your computer when setting up your team with the push of a button. We will send you an email with a link to take you to log in so you can start building your season on the web. 

Using the web allows you to import files for your roster and schedule, add new events, add players and quickly send invites. 

Coaches have shared that the TeamSnap mobile app is the go-to way to make quick changes to events, and send out messages to the team and that our web application helps them add their full schedule and roster. This update helps you get from the mobile app to the web app more quickly to upload rosters, schedules and more.  

For club administrators who set up their club’s teams, and add players to rosters using the drag and drop rostering tool, there are no changes to how you set those up. 

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