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[WATCH] On-Demand Webinar with TeamSnap CEO, Peter Frintzilas

AUTHOR: TeamSnap Team

In this on-demand webinar, TeamSnap sits down some very special guests to take a look back at a review of 2023 and what innovations to expect from TeamSnap in 2024. Those guests (and topics) to expect are outlined below in great detail.

  • Peter Frintzilas, TeamSnap CEO: Reflecting on 2023 and a Look Ahead at 2024

  • Mark Kamyszek, Product Leader: What innovations to expect from TeamSnap for Business this year

  • Reed Schaffner, Co-Founder MOJO, CTO at TeamSnap: Meet Mojo and brining features to TeamSnap

We're excited for another fantastic season (and year) with all of our TeamSnap community.

Watch NOW.

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